Our believes

Our believes



To be a relevant institution in the goal of unifying and transforming the Central American region to accomplish in each of its countries consolidated democracies with solid Rule of Law that contribute to social, economic and political development.



Generate ideas, promote dialogue, propose solutions and disseminate knowledge for Guatemala and the Central American region, based on values of liberty, democracy, and Rule of Law, through:



Lead in the creation and promotion of proposals that solve national and regional problems in a medium to long term.


Create and launch projects that promote institutional strengthening that ensure economic and social development.


Offer Guatemala and the regions of Central America, proposals to build citizenship, through projects, investigations, programs, analysis and debates.


Actively participate in leadership training for the different sectors of society through our programs and activities.


Facilitate the distribution and knowledge of successful experiences of development that can be beneficial in the region.


Create, identify and promote local and regional leadership to involve them in the solution of national and regional problems






We seek to create long-lasting valuable proposals focused on underlying problems that affect our region.

We strive to work under an accurate dimension of the national and international reality based on the truth.


We work to transfer the indispensable value of individual and collective responsibility in the framework for solid Rule of Law.

It is essential for us to make a constant effort in favor of Guatemala and the Central American region in a short, medium and long term.


With drive and determination, we wish to purposely inquire, identify and process the topics that are relevant to us under full fidelity with our mission and vision.

Our ambition is to build a responsible freedom in Guatemala and the Central American region, challenging prejudices which limits thoughts, actions, and consequently the independence of its citizens as human beings in pursuit of integral development.