Liberty and Development Dialogs

Liberty and Development Dialogs
09 Jul 2014

Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo made the "Freedom and Development Dialogues" to speak with representatives of different sectors about the future of the country.

Based on our mission to generate ideas, promote dialogue, propose solutions and disseminate knowledge for Guatemala and the region, Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo created the project, in 2014, “Liberty and Development Dialogs”.

For the Foundation, the Dialogues are a group dynamic that aims to generate common frameworks as starting points, which encourage proposals for the democratic strengthening of the country.

The participation of young people from different Departments and who contribute to social organizations or are involved in the civic life of the country, generated the richness of the discussions, where different ideological positions were shared to reach agreements on how to promote the changes that Guatemala needs.

More than 20 dialogues were held during the years 2014 and 2015. Currently Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo is preparing to resume discussions with important actors from the political, economic and social sectors of Guatemala.