Liberty and Development Dialogs

Liberty and Development Dialogs
09 Jul 2014

Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo conducted the “Liberty and Development Dialogs” to communicate with representatives of different sectors about the future.


Based on our mission to generate ideas, promote dialogue, propose solutions and disseminate knowledge for Guatemala and the region, we began the project “Liberty and Development Dialogs”.

The aspiration of the project is to reach a sufficient consensus about the reality of our country with the objective of organizing a community that facilitates being more active and successful citizens in the struggle to build a better version of Guatemala for everyone.

More than 20 dialogues were held during the years 2014 and 2015. Currently Fundación Libertad y Desarrollo is preparing to resume discussions with important actors from the political, economic and social sectors of Guatemala. This is a difficult but certain path to achieving true collective awareness, first as individuals and then, with everyone´s compromise, as a nation.



Si desea formar parte de un Diálogo o llevar un "Diálogo de Libertad y Desarollo" a su institución o agrupación, puede contactarnos al correo: